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Dr Eric Engert, DMD MSD

Eric Engert, DMD MSD

Nonsurgical, minimally invasive and surgical treatment options

38 years of experience

  • Most insurance plans accepted

  • Centrally located modern office


Thank you for your interest in our office. Whether you called us directly or were referred by your general dentist, we look forward to meeting you! We are grateful that Dr. Engert has had an opportunity to work with referred patients from over 100 Bay Area dental offices. 

American Dental Association
California Dental Association (CDA)
American Academy of Periodontology
University of California, San Francisco
Periodontist Appointment


Call Today! 415 781-7534

  • We accept new patients!

  • We appreciate referrals from friends and family

  • Early morning short notice and emergency appointments.

  • We try hard to minimize delays and see you on time.

  • Interest free financing and payment plans

Periodontist Services

Our Services

Eric Engert Periodontist and Dental Implants, offers Dental Implants, Non-Surgical periodontic treatment, Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery, Tunnel buttonhole, pin, Esthetic Surgery, Rejuvination Surgery, Crown Lengthening, Osseous Surgery, Gum Grafting, Bone Grafting, Oral cancer screening, Laser surgery info, see

Periodontist Office Location


Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area

  • Marin

  • Alameda

  • Contra Costa

  • Daly City

  • San Mateo

Call today!  415-781-7534

Our office


Dr. Eric Engert, DMD,

450 Sutter St. #2326
San Francisco, CA 94108


San Francisco Periodontist Office Location

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Covid Precaution

Dr. Engert & staff have received the Covid 19 vaccination.
Your safety is our primary concern

We want to reassure our patients that your well-being is our top priority. We are managing COVID-19 with enhanced procedures. We will be scheduling fewer patients to allow for reduced contact and social distancing.

Individuals will not be allowed access to the 450 Sutter Building without a wearing a mask and we recommend wearing eye protection as well. In our office we have reduced many of the fixtures to allow access for rigorous sanitation routine.

Upon entering the office, our priority is to immediately direct you to a treatment room as soon as possible. Before your care, you will be directed to wash hands and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash. In addition to our normal sanitization and sterilization protocol the office is utilizing five ultraviolet light disinfection units, and four HEPA air filtration modules. Extra-oral increased suction devices are used during many procedures. 

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