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Curriculum Vitae



University of Washington, Graduate Periodontics, Seattle, Washington;



Temple University, School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Certificate of Periodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry

Doctor of Medical Dentistry

Bachelor of Arts; Biology, Psychology

Academic Experience


University of California, San Francisco, California


University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California;


University of Oregon, Portland Oregon;

Department of Periodontics; Adjunct Clinical Professor

Department of Periodontics; Adjunct Clinical Professor

Department of Periodontics; Adjunct Clinical Professor


1991-1996          San Francisco Dental Society; Executive Board of                              Directors; Editor

Professional Organizations

1990-Present     California Dental Association

1988-1989           Oregon Dental Society

1988-1989           Clackamas County Dental Society

1985-Present      American Academy of Periodontology

1981-Present       American Dental Association

Dr Eric Engert Periodontist
Lecture presentations

Lecture Experience


UCSF Department of Periodontics, San Francisco

February 2015

UCSF Department of Periodontics, San Francisco

April 2013

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi, India

Winter 2009

Periodontal Study Group: San Francisco

November 2006

UCSF Continuing Education, San Francisco

Fall 2003

Periodontal Study Group, San Francisco

April 2003

UCSF Continuing Education, San Francisco

April 2000

California Dental Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA

Perio 132, 133, Sections on Bone Regeneration and Guided Tissue Regeneration, Osseous & Flap Surgery

"Gingival Plastic Surgery Esthetics"

"Gingival Esthetics"

“Comprehensive Periodontal Management” (five-part series)

“Periodontics for the general dental practice” (full-day course)

“Comprehensive Periodontal Management” (four-part series)

“Practical Periodontics for dental offices” (full-day course)

“Managing Periodontal Pockets” (full-day course)

April 1998

California Dental Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA

Winter 1998

Periodontal Study Group, San Francisco

February 1997

Kern County Dental Society, Bakersfield, California

October 1996

San Francisco Implant Study Group

August 1996

California Dental Association Scientific Session, San Francisco

“Managing Periodontal Pockets” (half-day course)

“Comprehensive Periodontal Management” (seven-part series)

“Periodontal Influences on Prosthetic Results” (full-day course)

“Preparing the Periodontally Involved Dentition for Prosthetics”

“The Compromised Abutment”

Practical Periodontics Newsletters

Reprints available upon request

  • 2023 Brain Inflammation and Periodontics

  • 2022 Furcation Management

  • 2021 Implant Supportive Health

  • 2019 Trends in Gingival Augmentation

  • 2019 Dental Business

  • 2018 Inflammation

  • 2018 Dental Implant Length

  • 2017 Communicating Care

  • 2017 Treatment Presentation

  • 2016 Understanding Your Patients

  • 2016 Implant Timing Strategies

  • 2015 Tissue Bank Gingival Grafts

  • 2015 Occlusal Trauma

  • 2014 Statins and Periodontitis

  • 2014 Periimplantitis

  • 2013 Regenerative membranes

  • 2012 Ridge augmentation

  • 2012 Local drug delivery

  • 2011 Splinting implants

  • 2011 Lasers

  • 2010 Periimplant maintenance

  • 2010 Periodontics and arteriosclerosis 2

  • 008 Ridge preservation during tooth extraction

  • 2008 Connective tissue Grafting

  • 2007 Active listening

  • 2007 Patient commitment to care

  • 2007 Restorations in esthetic zone improved with orthodontics and periodontics

  • 2007 Optimizing smile design with crown lengthening surgery

  • 2006 Lasers hard and soft tissues

  • 2005 Stress and periodontal disease

  • 2005 Patient communications

  • 2005 Osteoporosis

  • 2004 Avoid identity theft

  • 2004 Periodontal maintenance

  • 2004 Heart disease and periodontal disease

  • 2004 Health savings accounts

  • 2003 Maintaining healthy gums and bone

  • 2003 Refractory periodontal disease

  • 2002 Extraction socket grafts

  • 1999 Periostat chip and atrodox medications

  • 1998 Power Toothbrushes

  • 1997 Maintaining Esthetic Restorations


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