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Periodontal Care

Before and after treatment photos

  • Below are 6 different cases. 

  •  There is a before treatment and after treatment photo side by side.

  • Click on an image to view the enlarged photo and description.

Inflammation of the gums
Smile with teeth and gums out of symmetry
A long and Short front tooth
Failing Restorations, advanced gum disease and bone loss on all upper teeth.
Gum and supporting bone recession
gum and bone recession
After inflammation control, surgical gum treatment and new tooth restorations of the teeth from the previous photo.
After esthetic plastic surgery and tooth restorations of teeth in the previous photo.
After plastic surgery of the gums to alter the appearance of the long and short teeth and new tooth restorations.
Stabilization of advanced bone loss with periodontal surgery and new restorations as compared to the previous photo
Healing and root coverage after gum grafting the tooth in the previous photo.
After treatment of recession from the previous photo.

Preventive Care

Periodontal disease is often painless and results in the loss of bone supporting your teeth. Most tooth loss in adults is caused by this destructive disease. Prevention of gum disease involves good daily brushing habits, treatment intervention and regular professional cleaning appointments – usually every 3- 6 months.


In an effort to increase the longevity of your teeth, interventive services may be recommended. Conservative nonsurgical approaches are utilized for most teeth. However surgical therapy may be indicated if other options are deemed inadequate in an effort to help you retain your teeth.

Cosmetic Periodontics

Our office is at the forefront in addressing concerns that you may have about your smile. Dr. Engert has lectured on enhancing esthetics. While using your own gingival gum donor options offer predictable results, we do offer alternative donor options including using alloderm and other materials. We are very familiar with pin, buttonhole, tunnel type surgery. We make every attempt to provide Minimally Invasive surgery while minimizing your down time.

Comfort and Safety

Many people feel anxious about a visit to the dentist. It is our goal to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We will explain and review what we are doing at every visit. Our office has modern equipment, medications and stereo headphones – to help you feel at ease. All instruments are heat sterilized or disposable. We undergo weekly testing to assure the integrity of our sterilization system.

For more information:

American Dental Association
American Academy of Periodontology

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We welcome new patients.  For those patients who visit our office without a primary care dental "home", we  can help you maintain your teeth and assist you in finding a general dentist for indicated care.

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